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This is a nine-step training process, taking the letters F-R-E-E T-H-R-O-W and developing a for-sure method for making 95% and above every time you go to the line. There is repetition in this DVD just as there is in successful free throw shooting. Many athletes will find this information boring and will want to return to dunking, running, and fancy dribbling - only a few will take me seriously and begin to make 25 in a row, then 50, then a 100.

Remember, only a few players shoot in the 90s. We begin with the nail - every court has a nail in the middle of the free throw line - that, to me, is the center of the basket. My process goes from the nail, through the feet, body and hands, to the rim, through the net and back to the nail. That simple journey is broken down, bit by bit, sequence by sequence through visual images, through my teaching, and in a seven page document that is included on the DVD through a CD ROM attachment.

You will see students shooting, you will see me in competition with others, you will see a basketball coach I'm working with make his first fifty in a row! - you will also see a teenager do some amazing shooting on her 16th birthday. You will learn how my passion developed for the free throw, and on the bonus material there is a song I wrote about a young basketball player, the music and performance by an outstanding Tucson artist, Lisa Otey.

Much of the material in this DVD is new - you won't see or hear others focus on the importance of the floor, the use of the nail, the journey of the ball after it hits only net, the basketball journal, and so many other innovations. Purchase your DVD today - Nait It - with the Free Throw Doc - $30 for individuals, $50 for teams, schools and organizations, and contact me for individual, team and coaching staff clinics, (520) 235-0990, I want you to improve, then beat me so I can learn from you. Put The Free Throw Doc to work, start now to improve your percentage, and click here or on the order now button above to place your order.

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